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Spilled Coffee and Broken Calculators

The tea/coffee vending machine installed on the floor has not been working for past 3 days. The facilities team has called the contractor, who is just too busy to send someone to fix it right away. As a result, some… Continue Reading →

One Friend At Work Whom You Should ‘Unfriend’ Immediately

Here’s the scene. You’re just about to send out a very critical report to your seniors. If all goes well, you get some respite from your anxieties for a couple of weeks (if you expect any longer respite, you’re being… Continue Reading →

Your CV Deserves Better Treatment From You

So you’ve just got a call from a recruitment consultant. And you need to send them your CV pronto. No problem, you still have the CV that you had made a few months / years / centuries ago when you… Continue Reading →

My boss is taking credit for my work

I received the following mail today. Dear LWC, I have just graduated and joined a mid sized manufacturing company about a month back. I have been assigned to the project management team, where I have to identify, track and highlight… Continue Reading →

The Elephant in the Room

Recently I came across this discussion with one HR professional. Last week he was (let’s call him Abhay) invited for a meeting with the product team. The product head represented the business, while Abhay was representing HR. This was one… Continue Reading →

Of Dragons and Tortoise

With hoards of coffee mongers discussing the fate of Westeros, it is hard to miss on heated debates around what might befall the House of Starks, Lannisters or Targaryens. Even people who have not been exposed to Game of Thrones… Continue Reading →

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